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Weight: The weight of the female Belgian Tervuren Shepherd is from 20-25 kg whereas the weight of a male breed is between 25-30 kg.

Height: Similarly height of male breed is greater than that of the female breed. The males have height ranges from the 60-66cm while for females the height ranges from 56-62cm.

Color: you can see Belgian Tervuren Shepherd in different colors which include red, blend of gray and black, with the face color black. The long hair with a blend of two shades gives a unique and amazing view.

Overview: It is among the breed popular as a sheepdogs, named after a village. An intelligent dog with a beautiful and attractive appearance is liked by everyone. It has dark brown eyes which are almond shaped. The ears are erect and the feet are just like the cat. Thick cover protects this breed from severe weather conditions.

Character: This breed is very intelligent with a strong structure. It is not a lazy breed but always remain ready to do work. A struggling breed never feels tired without having much work. These breed dogs are very loving and honest. They require attention and time of the owner, as they love and bond with a person who spends much time with them. They can be the best friends during a lonely period. They easily understand the changes which occur around them which shows that they are very sensitive.

Temperament: This breed is cool with an amazing behavior. They are very loving to the people whom they know, but the presence of strangers can make them uncomfortable. You can control this situation with proper training. They like to play with children and want to spend time with you. To the known ones, they are very nice but shy for the strangers.

Care: As the breed has long hair so brushing is necessary. You can brush your dog twice a week, but make sure that excessive combing can be dangerous for the coat of your dog. Take proper care of coat while combing your dog.

Coat: It has a long, double, and dense coat of mostly brown color with black overlay. The coat is available in mostly these two colors black and brown. You can also see red colored coat.

Training: Training is one of the important steps that every dog needs. With training, you can change the habits of your dog. With cool, repetitive, and continuous efforts you can train your dog well. It will never bear harsh behavior instead you will get negative results if you try to teach them by force or by hitting.

Activity: This dog requires a number of activities as it never gets tired in a short time so needs regular longs walks, running, playing in the parks, and daily exercise.

Life Span: The life span of this breed is 11-13 years.

Health Concerns: Some of the major health concerns are eye diseases, hip dysplasia, allergies, and epilepsy. This breed is considered a healthy breed, but if you notice some symptoms for these diseases take your dog for the checkup.

Help reduce the number of Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Puppies in shelters by Spaying and neutering pets. By doing this your beloved Belgian Tervuren Shepherd pet will live longer. Leave the breeding to the professionals. If you are interested in breeding talk to your Belgian Tervuren Shepherd breeder.  Many Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies are often purchased with little or no knowledge of what goes into parenting one. Uneducated decisions often leave the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd  puppy in need of adoption and in the care of rescue groups. Bringing home a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy into your family has many benefits but we first implore you to educate yourself. An informed decision will take into account the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd characteristics, your lifestyle, expected veterinary care, the demands and limitations of owning a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd, their activity requirements and levels of companionship required

Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Buying or adopting a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy for the first time can be a LONG task, but when you are done it is well worth all the time spent and questions asked.  APet4U is here to help. We've added some common questions to ask when looking for a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy and the right Belgian Tervuren Shepherd breeder with puppies for sale. Internet fraud is on the rise, this is one reason we personally talk to the breeders that are listed in our directory.  We have also posted some tips to help protect yourself when buying Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies for sale online.

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Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dog breeders with puppies for sale should be more than happy to answer questions related to the sale or adoption of one of their Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies before and after you send money. The Belgian Tervuren Shepherd breeder should be just as concerned about the type of person/household they are releasing their Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies to. Remember: It is up to both the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy buyer and the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy breeder to be comfortable with one another and to ensure that the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy has been and will be treated properly

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Did you know some Belgian Tervuren Shepherd breeder can ship Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies Worldwide!! So when looking at  Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Puppies for sale  you can buy from a breeder not in your state.  

Finding the right Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy can be a long process and hard . We believe here at APet4u. we provide a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy (or Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From breeders that have a vet and abide by  laws and regulations. Feel free to take advantage of our breeder directory browse our posted ads directory of adorable puppies. Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dog breeders, Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dogs for adoption, and Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy for sale listings with photos and detailed descriptions. Some Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies for sale may be shipped Worldwide and include crate and Veterinarian checkup. Many Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee. With great breeders offering Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppies for sale and top quality  Belgian Tervuren Shepherd dog breeders, you're sure to find your loved Belgian Tervuren Shepherd puppy. 

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