Buying A Pet online-Safety Tips

How to Purchase a Pet Online; Factors to Consider

You have finally decided to consider purchaseing or adopting new puppy or kitten but have no idea where to start. Yes, it is sometimes overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. The internet might have simplified things a bit, but that doesn’t mean that all information you read online is accurate. There are far too many resources, amazing photos or adorable kittens and cute puppies online; all you have to do is be cautious in your search.

Read through the available information on your dog or cat breeder before making your final decision. The moment you spot one you like most, dig deeper and verify the information, it is not only rewarding but a memorable experience that will stick to your mind for years to come.

One important consideration that you should never let slip is, find a breeder that shares similar beliefs as you do because all breeders are not the same. It is important that you look for a breeder that treats our small friends the way we like. It is very easy to find such information on how breeders take care of their animals, all you need is, just find someone you can trust with shared values.

Be warned that you risk coming face to face with some scams along the way, which is why we have, your number one resource center for pet information. We have a comprehensive online breeders’ directory. We only list the best, those who adhere to set breeding laws that are vetted before listing and activation of their accounts on our directory. This is an exclusive service that you will not find in any other website. At, we only allow responsible dog and cat breeders spread across the United States of America and Canada.

Please bear in mind that irrespective of where you opt to adopt or purchase your next pet, observe due diligence, adhere to the following guidelines;

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Pet Online

To ensure that you find the best deal ever, stick to the following guidelines.


1. Call the breeder multiple times and ask the right questions to enable you know them, especially their breeding practices. Remember, the keyword here is CALL, and not just email communication.


2. Find some reference for the breeder, ideally their veterinarian. Contact previous clients or buyers through emails or phone to find out their experiences.


3. Ask the right questions; find out how they raise their pets, if the kitten or puppy has been given any jibes, ask for the details. If there has been any training, ask to find out more. Ask about how often the pet plays, type of food, preferences, their hobbies, among others. Just ask about anything that pops up your mind.


4. Does the purchase come with a healthy warrant? If it does, is it in writing?


5. Is the seller a breeder, a broker or just a pet shop? Ideally, go for a direct breeder. 


6. Is the kitten or puppy in their possession at the time of the communication? Demand to see LOTS of photos, see them live via Skype just to confirm that they do have the same under their care.


7. On payment, avoid cash, wire transfer, western union, Wal-Mart money gram when making an online purchase. Instead, use check, Paypal or credit card.


8. Steer clear of breeders who say they are from London, some African countries like Nigeria, Cameroon or Lagos. These are 99.9% are scams out to swindle your money, watch out!


9. AVOID “breeders” who mention their missionary work or Aids relief and are building some kind of trust, these are scammers.


10. If a deal is so good to be true, think twice. A red flag is raised the moment you bump into offers that are out of this world like a yorkie or bulldog going for as low as $200 when the market price is between $2000 and $3000. Just apply some common sense; just the same way you would in a different financial transaction. Note that most of these scammers are relentless and possess superb convincing power to steal your money with a smile on their face, don’t fall for their tricks.


11. Find out if the state where the breeder lives requires them to be licensed. If it is so, have they complied? If not, find someone who is licensed.


Finally, don’t trust every picture you see online. Some scammers steal pictures from respectable breeders and other dog websites and use them to run advertisements on their own sites.

The fact is, observe due diligence whenever you opt to buy anything online!